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This whole blog is called The Perks of Being an Artist, and so far I’ve barely even mentioned life as an artist. So, today I give you this:

When we packed up the van to move from Florida, we had to give away half of our furniture because the van was too full of art. We posted everything on craigslist to try to sell it, but no one wanted to pay a whopping $25 for a sleeper sofa in great condition. Assholes (but I’m not bitter about it, oh no). So, we put up a free curbside posting and an hour before we said we’d put stuff out, we had freeloaders people knocking at our door asking where it all was. Within 20 minutes they had literally cleared out our house. By the time the hour that we had appointed as pick-up time rolled around, there was nothing left, but people were still coming. The last group looked like the Gogan (which, as an artist, I always want to spell Gaugin, but I’m wrong) family from Pete’s Dragon. I shit you not. After we told them everything was gone, one of them pulled a plant out of the ground and asked, “Can I have this?”

As we pulled our van full of art away from the house, I sat there and sobbed, “Why am I not good at math instead of art?!”

The Gogans

The Gogans