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Does the new Blue Cross Blue Shield add that says “Live Fearless” (http://www.livefearlessnc.com/) drive everyone else batshit crazy? FearlessLY, people. I mean really, I’m no grammar Nazi. I end sentences with prepositions all the damn time, but if you want me to trust that you’re going to be able to decipher my medical records and make sound decisions about what procedures you’ll approve or deny, you damn well better be able to speak basic English correctly. If you’re too lazy to add “ly” to the end of the word, I’d be willing to bet good money (not bad money, I’m keeping that for myself) that you’ll be too lazy to read my chart before denying my claim. You are not inspiring confidence. You are dumbing down America. You are not my friend.

Also, do you really want people to live fearlessly with no regard for their own safety? Because when they get hurt, you know that you have to pay for them to get treated, right?

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