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The hubs did actually read a few posts that night  that he said he needed something to put him to sleep, but he has yet to read any more, and it’s been almost 2 weeks of hilarity and geniusiosity (I’m so brilliant I come up with NEW words…deal with it). So, I’m forced to spread more lies about him on this, the internet. Here is lie #5:

My husband is secretly a Cardassian, bent on bringing our civilization down. For those not familiar, the Cardassians are a race of humanoids on Star Trek: The Next Generation who are bad. Very, very bad. And unreasonable. And they’re hell bent on destroying us and bringing down society as we know it. They are not to be confused with the Kardashians of our modern era, though I think the same could be said for them.

Cardassian Female

Cardassian Female photo from Memory Alpha Wiki

Kardashian Female

Kardashian Female photo from Fame/Flynet