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Visited my dad this afternoon and almost had to take an elderly woman DOWN. Okay, not really, but kind of. I’ve seen videos of people with dementia that kind of pair up in their dementia care facility and become a “couple.” It even happened briefly with a man and woman who are in the facility with my dad. I always thought I’d be able to handle that situation with appropriate civility and understanding, knowing that it isn’t really a threat to my home and family. But today I watched this new broad sitting next to my dad patting his arm and looking at him kind of adoringly. She also stared at me, and stared at me and stared at me, but that didn’t really unnerve me since most of the residents do that (I’m young-ish and female and smile at everyone, so they’re drawn to me and I’m used to it by now – plus, I’m stunningly attractive, so who can blame them, right?). Kind of freaked S out, though. She was in a chair close to my dad and could reach him quite easily, and I was stuck a little ways away and, well, I felt…threatened. That’s MY job to pat his arm. That’s MY mom’s job. Back off, old lady. I’m younger and quicker and not to be trifled with. Now, my dad was totally oblivious to all of this. I don’t think he was really even aware that she was there, but still. Ironically, apparently the woman’s husband complained to the staff not long after she moved in when he saw my dad pat his wife on the head as he walked by (he does this to everybody). Here we are feeling threatened by his wife patting my dad’s arm. Sigh. Now I want to meet her husband and pat him on his head and let him pat me on my arm and we can all agree that we’re okay.

But if she does it again, she better sleep with one eye open.