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I’m starting to work on some little filler props for the haunt, and had a little fun with paper mache over the last week. Things like this will be up high or kind of in the distance between the major sets, so there’s no need to get super detailed with them. They’re just a little something to look at along the way. Here’s a step by step for you for making a gargoyle:

First, blow up a couple balloons and tape them together. Add paper towel or toilet paper rolls for the beginnings of the arms and legs. I used rolled pieces of newspaper for the lower part of the arms and legs, and folded pieces for the feet.

Gargoyle balloon body

Then, mix up your flour and water and tear up strips on newspaper. Dip the newspaper in the mix and do your first layer.

Gargoyle feet first layer

Let the layer dry completely before you add more. This will cut down on the chances of mold creeping its way in. When it’s dry, keep adding layers, letting it dry overnight in between each layer. When I feel like it’s pretty sturdy (it should feel pretty tough when it’s dry), I’ll start using strips of paper towel to sculpt details like nostrils. I also used poster board as the foundation for the ears and layered paper towel strips on top of that. I used wire for the fingers and wrapped paper towel around those.

Gargoyle first layer facegargoyle last layer face

When you’ve built up as many layers as you want, it’s time to paint! I started with 2 coats of black acrylic.

gargoyle black paint

Then I added some burnt sienna and some copper acrylics, and added color to the eyes.

gargoyle brown paint

Voila! You’ve got yourself a little gargoyle to hang from above!

gargoyle finished