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I’m famous Down Under! Wait, that sounds wrong, like my vajayjay is famous or something. It might be legendary, but don’t worry, it has not been posing nude anywhere…at least not to my knowledge – what it does when I’m sleeping is anybody’s guess. I suspect it goes on walking tours of Big Beaver, PA. That’s a real place, y’all. As are these: http://thejetpacker.com/69-towns-and-cities-with-funny-dirty-names/.

What I really meant was that an Australian blogger has interviewed me, so that means I get to start calling myself a “world-renowned” artist. Totally legit. Plus, my friend, who desperately wants me to write more posts about bananas, lives in Europe, and she reads my blog, so that makes my claim double-legit. Okay, so maybe double-legit isn’t really a thing, but still, I’m going with it. Anyway, here is the interview that solidifies of my claim of world-renowned status: