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On Sunday, I had the pleasure of going to the wedding of one of the CNAs who cares for my dad. And when I say cares, I really mean cares. This man is a gem. He works 2 full time jobs and is in nursing school, and if anybody in all the world deserves happiness, it’s him. He was getting married in Raleigh, so he invited me to the wedding, and I, along with several of the staff from Dad’s facility, attended. Luckily, it was the staff that I adore, so there was no awkwardness.

He and his new bride are Kenyan, so it was a really interesting mix of an American and Kenyan wedding. There was a Mistress of Ceremonies who kept trying to corral everyone, admonishing them like school children not to talk or hug until the appointed time, and you can hear her at the end of the video below trying to wind the singing down, but, luckily, they would have none of it. They kept singing and singing and dancing and dancing and no one could suppress that joy. I bravely tried and ended up loving the food that was served, I sat with a couple young Kenyans who translated the songs for me, and I got to share in the celebration of someone who treats my dad like his own.

I wish I’d known about this tradition before I got married, because hell yeah. Instead, I’m giving everyone advanced notice that I want a chorus line like this at my funeral some day.

UPDATE: A friend pointed out that I really needn’t wait until my funeral. From now on, I want a procession like this every time I go grocery shopping. Wouldn’t that make grocery shopping way more fun? That plus bourbon, of course.