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Besides people being just outright nasty and rude over the last week, a trend I’m seeing more and more is the sense of entitlement people have. We all have it to greater or lesser degrees, but the greater degrees side seems to be winning and I fear the next generation will need to be labeled “The Entitled Generation.” Veruca Salt has gotten her way. We’ve come to expect the world to cater to us, no matter how unreasonable our demands. We don’t have to do anything to deserve this treatment, we just, as a birthright, are special, amazing people whose asses should be kissed. People have been told one too many times that the customer is always right, which they take to mean that they should be given everything for free, on demand. There are, sadly, times when the customer is actually flat out wrong and unreasonable. As a business owner, if you don’t roll over and take it, there are tons of places online where they can go to publicly complain about the fact that you didn’t allow them to get a discount without any kind of coupon, or that you didn’t open the doors a half hour before class even though they’ve been told in advance that you open the doors 15 minutes before class and oh-my-god-they-had-to-WAIT, or that another customer took a crap in the restroom and it smelled and you should have magically been able to make that not happen.

What I’d like to know is, where is the website that allows businesses to review customers? There needs to be a place where businesses can go either vent or learn that the customer has pulled the same crap in other establishments. I suppose, for liability reasons, one wouldn’t actually be able to post customers’ full names, though they are welcome to slander you anywhere they damn well please. But still. Henceforth, feel free to share your insane customer stories with me. I will be glad to extend my sympathy and commiserate on the general state of the world. And then, I will zerbert you to make you feel better.