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Okay, pity party over. Time to kick myself in the ass and put some good juju out into the universe. Yes, the last week has sucked royally, and I didn’t deserve to get yelled at by the guy who was driving down the wrong side of the street. But I was alert enough to avoid him and not wreck my car. Yes, they hacked most of the limbs off of the cherry tree that is the main reason S and I have stayed in our shithole apartment. But I’ve gotten to enjoy those beautiful blossoms snowing down on me all spring for the last 3 years. Yes, I’m having a really tough time dealing with my feelings about my dad’s dementia and it’s giving me nightmares every night. But I’m so damn lucky to have a father that’s worth missing this bad. And yes, I’m sleep deprived as a result, but I have a warm soft bed to lie awake in, and a comfy sofa to snuggle on with the cats when I can’t stay in bed awake any longer. Yes, my fibromyalgia and endometriosis are flaring, but that’s what heating pads and Advil are for. Yes, the drop off for my next art show got all screwed up and cost me money and will necessitate a lot more driving and unloading and reloading and re-unloading of the car. But at least I’ve got another show lined up, and I got to borrow my husband’s car for the week and it has seat warmers. Yes, I’ve had some truly ugly, nasty customers demanding the world from me for free and bitching me out when I don’t give in. But I have plenty of other customers and am able to make a living playing with paint. Life could be a lot worse. No one trashed the studio bathroom this whole week. S and I have been taking turns picking what movie we watch, and we’ve gotten to see a few new ones that we liked. I don’t have to date any of the crazy women on the Batchelor (have you been watching that???! Holy all new level of crazy, Batman!). Our power stays on all day. We have running water. No bombs have gone off near us (except a few f-bombs). I can breathe without the aid of an oxygen tank or a respirator. The Muppets exist. So does cheese. When I do the dishes, I can squirt bubbles into the air so that they dance around me as I clean. I’m not addicted to much besides silly socks and word games on my phone and hugs from the people I love. I have lots of people to love. And, if all else fails, I have bourbon. Wink.