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Bitchez be crackin’ me up. In the south, people say “bless her heart” instead of “she’s not that bright but she means well.”* Today in class, a woman said, “Aw, bless my heart.” Meanwhile, another woman was narrating each and every step to herself as she did it. I would say, “Take a little yellow and dab it here.” She would say, “Okay, I’m taking yellow and I’m dab dab dabbing it here, and a little over here. And then a little over here maybe. Oh, that was too much. I’ll try lightening it with a little white.” For each and every step, bless her heart.

And totally unrelated, this whole cupcake thing is an epidemic. A totally different woman had a bunch of leftover cupcakes and just threw them out instead of offering me one. WTF? Clearly she has no comprehension of just how much caffeine and sugar it takes to keep my energy level up through 4 classes starting at 9:30am until about 10pm. She’s lucky I didn’t fall asleep while teaching her group.

*My friend, Meghan says, “Aw, Eddie Vedder,” as in, “She doesn’t know Eddie Vedder.” Say it out loud. It sounds like “She doesn’t know any better.” This is but one reason for loving Meghan. Another reason is that I’m pretty sure she took the picture of me in the ridiculously large hat making this face:

This is my annoyed face