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I’m currently at rest, which means I’m tending to stay at rest. You know, it’s that whole inertia thingy. I’m in an artistic downturn at the moment, and am feeling wholly unmotivated, in part because painting requires me to go to my place of work, and who wants to do that on a day off? These artistic lulls used to panic me, but now I know that that’s part of my cycle, like menstruation, only without all the tampons.

Now that my male readers have run off screaming, I’ll continue. My artistic motivation also wanes when I’m not feeling well, which has been happening a lot lately, but with the warmer weather arriving, I’m starting to feel a little better. I’m planning on doing a little more work this afternoon, and then, since my class at the studio was cancelled, take advantage of a night off to just paint something small and meaningless for trots and chortles (shits and giggles seems overused, so I’m improvising). I just have to get past the inertia long enough to haul out my supplies and get set up.

What I really need is an agent peddling my wares to galleries and buyers so that I have somewhere to put all the art I make. It’s so hard to justify making more when you know you’ll just have to store it. I’ve started painting much smaller works just so I need less space to store all that crap art. I’m horrible about submitting to galleries because it’s such an ego-bitch-slapper when they say no.  I wish we had those old-school art patrons who commissioned work all the time so you had to keep painting and knew it was going somewhere other than your own wall or storage unit. I’d happily paint whatever they wanted just for an excuse to play with paint for a living. Someone, please find me a Medici. And a pony. Oh oh, wait! I want a pony-riding Medici. Or a Medici-riding pony. Either one will work, as long as I get to play with the pony and make art for the Medici.

What the hell is wrong with my brain today?

UPDATE: Literally about 5 minutes after posting this, I overheard someone walking past the studio say, “I have terrible inertia.” Ha!