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Usually, I hate Saturday mornings because I teach late on Friday and then have to get up a couple hours earlier than normal to teach people drinking Mimosas to paint, followed by 2-3 more classes straight through until about 10pm. So Saturdays are kind of rough and I regularly wish I could bid them a hearty fuckyouverymuch. Today, after about 4 years, I’m actually getting to do that. I have no classes to teach today. And there is no better way to start an unexpected day off than to sleep late, roll out of bed, snuggle on the sofa with my furry kitties and not-so-furry husband with a cup of coffee, and listen to Charles Mingus. No better way. And now it’s time to start getting ready to go to a late lunch with 3 women who I absolutely adore but who I just don’t get to see that often (because we’re grownups and, sadly, grownups have ridiculous schedules). I plan on listening to Anais Mitchell’s Hadestown while getting ready. And tonight, I get a nice night at home alone to keep binge watching Orange Is the New Black. Shiver.