For all my friends who have also been on way too many pharmaceuticals:

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Hello dear reader(s)!

What do you think of when you see/hear/read the commercials for Latuda?  In my house, due to the name alone, the last thing we think of is a drug to treat Bi-Polar Depression.  Here is a rough transcript of the dialogue that occurs after a Latuda commercial airs.

“Hannah Girl, you best cover up, you’re damn Latuda is hangin’ out!  Do you want Billy Billy to come over an git all sex crazed at the site of yer Latuda?”

“Mister, you better shape up.  I’m sick of your bad Latuda!  You need a Latuda adjustment!”

“Well maybe if you showed me some Latuda every once in a while for all the things I do for you.  I bought you that purdy dress at the dollar store, would it be so hard to show a little Latuda?”

And it isn’t just Latuda.

There is Viagra®.

“Hannah Girl, don’t…

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