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We were driving home from dinner tonight and a huge flash of lightning flashed over a field next to us, and my first thought was, “Man, I wouldn’t want to have antlers right now!”

What’s wrong with me?

Also, I got over excited when talking to a beekeeper today. Like 8 year old in a candy store excited. I kept asking him questions for, like, 20 minutes. I am now a bee expert. Except that I’m incapable of retaining information for more than about 20 seconds, so maybe not really.

Also also, I’m in love with springtime in Charlottesville. It’s like music for my eyes. I either want to eat it or marry it so it’ll stay with me forever.

Also also also, I’ve decided I need a house with a wraparound porch, a garden with a gardener to go with it, and a herd of Friesian horses and pygmy goats. Feel free to FedEx them to me.

Seriously, what’s wrong with me?