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Look! I remembered my promise from last Thursday!! That’s a minor miracle because my brain has completely and totally shut down this week in response to what I’m calling Crapfest ’15. Here are the next two paintings from the Fractured Memories series that I’m doing about my dad and dementia. The two snapshots of who my dad used to be that we’ll focus on today reflect my dad’s love of the ridiculous. He loved puns, dirty jokes, Monty Python/Beyond the Fringe, funny music, silly headwear, gag gifts, and above all, Miss Piggy. I get his love for the Muppets, because let’s be honest, they’re amazeballs. I want them to be my friends, mostly because they would fit in with the friends I already have so well. But if you even showed my dad a picture of Miss Piggy, he’d start laughing. He just loved her. So to give the world a little snippet of who my dad was, I’m including these two paintings in the series:

Miss Piggy 6"x6" oil on canvas

Miss Piggy 6″x6″ oil on canvas

Groucho Nose 6"x6" oil on canvas

Groucho Nose 6″x6″ oil on canvas