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Now that I’ve put the Mary Poppins song in your head with the title of this post, I’ll continue. <insert evil laugh> Yesterday, when I was taking advantage of the fanfreakingtastic weather and walking Raleigh’s Greenway trails, I saw a mom trying to fly a kite with her 4 or 5 year old daughter. It was a relatively windless day, so they weren’t having much success, but the little girl was so happy to be running and screaming with the kite bouncing along the ground behind her.

It reminded me of the activities we used to do with my dad before we moved him to the dementia care facility. As his disease progressed, he became increasingly restless and needed to be entertained at all times. My mom, husband, and I all took shifts watching him and keeping him occupied, but we made a point once a week to do something all together. Tensions ran high a lot of the time. We’re a tightknit family, but all of us living under one roof and dealing with a horrible disease was a strain. But on Sundays, we put that all aside and did things together to remind ourselves that we all loved each other and were a family. We started going to parks, or bowling, or hiking, or even just out to eat. One day, my mom bought a kite, so we took him out to try to fly it. Again, it was a relatively windless day, so it wasn’t easy, but it was so funny to see my dad acting like a kid and elatedly running with the kite over his head. Luckily, S brought along the camera, so we’ll have these pictures of that day forever:

Kite flying 4 Kite flying 7 Kite flying 2 Kite flying 3Kite flying 8