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Yesterday afternoon, while waiting to hear back on our due diligence request from the house we’re hoping to buy , I was fooling around looking at other homes for sale online. Flipping casually through pictures and…I stopped short. There, hanging over someone’s fireplace, was one of the paintings we teach at my studio, Artistic Abandon. Ha! I flipped through a couple more pictures, and there, again, was another of our studio paintings in their dining room. Double ha! I feel slightly famous because someone who lives about a half hour away is clearly one of my customers, lol. Triple ha! I don’t know what that last ha was for, but it’s been an exceptionally crappy day thus far, so I’ll take all the “ha’s” I can get.

To recap my day so far: slept on the sofa most of last night because sweet little Satch kitty was not feeling so well and I was worried. Called the vet this morning and they said they could see him if I could get him there in 10 minutes. I grabbed him and raced out the door and discovered that I had a flat tire – the same flat tire I had patched 2 weeks ago. Called AAA, they said they could get someone there within the next couple hours. Ugh. So called the vet and cancelled. Luckily, the vet called back and said they’d had a cancellation at 2pm, so I could bring him in then. The AAA guy came, and he was using someone else’s truck and the bed gate was stuck and it didn’t have the right tools, so it ended up taking him almost an hour to take off the flat and put on the spare. Hell, I could have done that. The good thing though, is that he did not lock his keys in the truck like he thought he had. Nothing like calling AAA to help out AAA. Took Satch to the vet. Things are not looking good and we’re upping all his meds and crossing our fingers and elbows and toes and knees and anything else that will cross that he improves. Please, think hungry thoughts for him so he’ll start eating again. Then, came to the studio and discovered that the air conditioning was not working. And it’s 90 degrees today. Called the HVAC folks and they came out and fixed it. And charged us a lot of money. Still sitting here with fans on me and hoping it cools down enough to still hold the fundraiser planned for Make a Wish tonight. Am heading home for dinner in a minute, and a thunderstorm just started and I just realized that the umbrella, which I carry with me at all times, is at home. We’re talking gulley washer rain (say “gulley washer” a bunch of times outloud. It tastes delicious.). Really? Please, powers that be, make this day end better than it started.