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Ha! Remembered to post this with only 10 minutes left to go for this Monday. Here is the next excerpt from Beatrice Allen Page’s unpublished manuscript, Landscape with Figures:

“I’ve been waking up earlier and earlier since I’ve been here, one good reason being that I go to bed early. I find I like waking up on the very edge of dawn – that moment of transition when you can’t say ‘the sky is starting to lighten’ but only ‘the darkness is beginning to lift.’

As the sun comes up and the exultant chorus of birds breaks out – with what I think is a black-billed cuckoo slapping a bass fiddle somewhere in the background – I feel I, too, am saluting the new day. The species of birds are not all the same ones I knew here as a child. The orioles, for example, seem to have vanished, along with the elms from which they used to hang their nests. The purple finches have been replaced by house finches. I haven’t seen any brown thrashers. But cardinals and mockingbirds have taken up residence.

There is a pocket-sized breeze blowing today, coming from the northeast, which makes everything look as if it had just been freshly washed and put out to dry in the sun.

I’m beginning to feel I may come out of the molt which was depressing me before I came here, with at least a few feathers renewed, even though it’s far too late to recover full breeding plumage.”