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Well, really, I’m at it again. Just bought our second fixer upper yesterday and after the last one (about 14 years ago), the hubs said he’d never do renovations himself again. So that means it’s up to me since we can’t really afford to buy a house that’s already what we want it to be, or to pay someone else to make it that way.

The good news is that it means that, in a couple months, we’ll be out of the world’s smallest apartment with the world’s teeny tiniest kitchen and into a ever-so-slightly larger house with a just-barely-bigger kitchen. The bad news is that it does require a bit of work, so I’m about to get all kinds of dirty and covered in paint and stain and glue. It also means the expense of renovating, which is not fun. My heart will be in my throat for the next two months while I try to stay on a very strict budget. BUT, it also means I’ll get to post fun home makeover pics and tutorials. Yay! I love me a makeover.

I actually got started last night taking the cabinets doors off for stripping and staining, and taking the wallpaper down. You know what would make both of those tasks more fun? Bourbon.

Here’s a picture of us in front of our new home pretending not to be totally overwhelmed at it all:


This is my superhero pose. Just call me Renovation Woman! Where’s my damn cape?