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Ah, the joys of exploring your new house before you start renovating! Discovered this little treasure in one of the kitchen cabinets. I can’t figure out what the hell it is, so I’m going with the theory that Satan took a shit in there.

It could also be carmelized brown sugar, but Satan's shit seems more plausible.

It could also be carmelized brown sugar, but Satan’s shit seems more plausible.

Also, I was going to start painting the kitchen last night, and started taping everything off and prepping, only to spot Satan’s pet cockroach lurking in the cabinet over the stove. Biggest. Damn. Cockroach. Ever. It cackled at me and winked and I tore out of the kitchen and decided to work on the dining room instead. I have been cast out of my own kitchen by a minion of the devil. Hoping to gather the courage to work in there soon…after I set out some roach traps. Sigh.