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Today is Satch’s birthday. A few weeks ago, I didn’t think he’d still be around today. But, thanks to B12 shots once a week, he has actually gained a little weight back and is snuggling and purring happily (and Dizzy is back to tormenting him). I almost didn’t give him the shots, because he was going downhill so quickly, and I didn’t want to do that thing so many of us do and try to extend his life even if it’s not in his best interest because we’re not ready to let go. But I took a chance, reasoning that if I didn’t see an improvement within a couple days, I’d go ahead and have him put down. But the chance worked, and I’m so grateful.

For as long as he has left, Sir Snugsalot and I will be taking full advantage of every second of downtime available. I’m calling it Snuggle-a-thon ’15:

Satch 1 Satch 2