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Here’s a novel idea: how about, when you call your blog “The Perks of Being an Artist,” you actually post some art now and then? Hmmm? With all the chaos of renovating the house and all the anxiety about my dad, I haven’t had a ton of time for real, honesttogod, painting. But we’ve got ginormous wall space because of the cathedral ceiling in the living room, and none of the art we have really fit the décor, so I just painted over a big ole canvas that had a painting of mine that I wasn’t all that spectacularly fond of (all right grammar police – of which I wasn’t spectacularly fond). So I took it from this:


To this:


To this:

Train Tracks in Blue  oil on canvas 48"x64"

Train Tracks in Blue
oil on canvas 48″x64″

Please excuse the poor quality of the photo –  I had to take the pic with my phone and in crummy lighting since my studio at the house doesn’t even have a light fixture overhead yet. On the plus side, even though we haven’t moved in yet, I’ve officially broken in the studio!!