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As you may have noticed, I am a silly person. Some people might prefer to call me ridiculous, obnoxious, or “special,” but I go with silly. Luckily, there are other silly people in the world, too, so my odds of getting locked up again are lessened somewhat. Friday afternoon I played hooky from work and had lunch with a new friend, Audrey, who, I am discovering, is rather silly herself. First of all, you have to love her because she has the hiccups ALL THE TIME. Like, ALL the time. Every day. And they’re the most adorable hiccups you’ll ever hear. They’re kind of like chipmunk sneezes (okay, so I don’t know what chipmunks sound like when they sneeze, but I bet it’s high pitched and cuteasabutton). Or maybe unicorn giggles. They’re definitely rainbow colored. Anyway, Audrey and I had lunch and then went out to explore and take photos. She’s actually become a really great photographer. I am not a great photographer, but I like to take photos as inspiration for paintings, so I was happy to have someone to go scouting with.

We started by wandering around a plaza that has funky little shops and restaurants, and spent waaaaaay too much time in one store moving the little army men that were placed here and there – or hither and yon if you prefer – to other places:

I believe I can flyyyyyyyy, I believe I can touch the skyyyyy...

I believe I can flyyyyyyyy, I believe I can touch the skyyyyy…

We also were very intrigued and slightly terrified by these wearable candles:

wearable candle

Firstly, they smelled delicious. I totally wanted to make out with them. But we were concerned about wearing candle goop. I mean, if we spread this stuff on us, will that make us more flammable? That could be a problem since I’m so damn hot already.

Another item we found rather astounding was a light bulb. When you turned it off, it was supposed to look like a football, but if you didn’t see the side with the “stitching” on it, it looked like a little turd. And when you screwed into a base and turned it on, voila! It looked raaawwwwther like a penis light:

penis candle

Regardless, we had more fun than we probably should have in these stores, and thought it might be a good idea to take our chortles elsewhere. So we went out to a park to explore. Took some lovely shots of flora then strolled past a pond and stopped to ooh and aah at the majesty of nature. Just then, something fell from a tree into the pond and made a “bloop” sound. I snickered under my breath. Then another one came down and I heard Audrey giggle. Then a whole cascade of them came down and we just stood there laughing helplessly. We’re mature like that. And silly like that. And it was wonderful. I wish we could have recorded it for you so that, when you’re in a conference meeting and you’re bored out of your mind, you could play the “bloop…bloop bloop bloop…bloop bloop…” sound to give yourself a little giggletickle. Or if you’re in a fight and someone is telling you how much you suck, you could just hit play and drown them out with bloopage. I’m sorry we failed you. But I will leave you with something that may provide comfort. We discovered that there is such a thing as bourbon cheese:

bourbon cheese

Life is good. So is bourbon.