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So this conversation just happened:

I’m reading happily, S is surfing the inter-webs.

S: What’s a rhyming couplet?

Me: Two lines in a poem that rhyme. So instead of ABAB, it’s AA.

S: What?

Me: Hold on, lemme grab Shakespeare’s sonnets and I can show you. See how every other line rhymes with every other line, but at the end the last two lines rhyme with each other? That’s a rhyming couplet at the end.

S: So like, if I said, “I fart/ because I ate a Pop-Tart,” that’d be a rhyming couplet?

Me: No, I think the two lines have to have the same meter. So it’d have to be something more like, “my butt did fart/ from a Pop-Tart.”

S: Got it.

Me: Out of curiosity, what are you reading that made you ask?

S: I’m reading about this rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Me: Wait, there’s a rapper whose first name is Wiz? Oh my god. You mean that’s taken now? Because if I were a rapper that would totally be the best name for me. I mean, I have to pee all the time. Not just some of the time. All. Of. The. Time. From now on you should just call me Wiz-diddy. And people pay money to hear his music? I bet he doesn’t even sing the asparagus pee song. I’m not sure he’s earned the right to use the name Wiz. I need to write a rap about asparagus pee using, apparently, rhyming couplets.

S: <silence>