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What the hell happened to me? I’m a self-proclaimed luddite, damnit! And yet, after several weeks of reading books on the iPad I got for my birthday (an item which I swore I’d never use and which I’ve used every day since I got it) and tapping the right edge of the screen to go to the next page, I sat down today to read an actual, physical paperback book, and accidentally found myself tapping the right page instead of just turning the damn thing. Technology 1, Luddite 0.

Also, spell check assures me that “luddite” is not a word. I love that technology is denying that anyone would ever dislike technology. It’s like it’s trying to brainwash me. So maybe Technology 2, Luddite 0. Except that I wasn’t fooled. So Technology 1, Luddite 1? I think I may be overthinking this.