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I’m finally getting around to posting the before and after photos for the bedroom makeover that I completed when I was renovating the house we bought. Do a search for DIY or home makeover on the blog here and you can see the other rooms I completed. For the bedroom, I wanted to include a soft lavender because…wait for it…it’s my husband’s favorite color. I know. Don’t get me started. But I also know that we’ll be most likely selling the house within the next 10 years and I didn’t want to have to repaint the whole room, so I decided to put up some moulding and just paint lavender inside the boxes, keeping the rest a nice, light, neutral gray.

I started by scraping and painting the popcorn ceiling:


Then I taped off and painted lavender in the squares and grey everywhere else:


Next, I put up the moulding around the squares:


I also added crown moulding, which nearly killed me. Lastly, we changed out the light fixture and put in bamboo flooring, then decorated. I still want to frame the painting over the bed, and I need to make a piece of art for the wall you can’t see, but the rest I’m pretty happy with:

Master bedroom makeover

One more shot:

master bedroom 3