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As I mentioned last week, I’ve been in the Artist’s Shame Spiral, where I get down on myself for not having more art sales. I don’t spend the time necessary to market myself properly, so it’s no surprise that sales have been slow. I just hate the bragging side of promoting my art. But that’s not the point of this post.

The point is, I have it really fucking easy. I am not fleeing a war torn country. Is there always a threat that a terrorist of foreign or home grown descent will shoot up the movie theatre or mall I’m in? Yes. But the odds are slim. And while I do have some health issues, ain’t none of ’em gonna kill me any time soon. I have friends and family that I love. There are a thousand little things each day for which I can be grateful.

As a person who battles depression, I need to cultivate happiness. I do this in little ways, like trading a weekly email with a friend with a list of all the things that happened that week for which I’m grateful, or taking a little extra time to snuggle with S and the cats, or enjoy a good bourbon. Tonight, I’m reminding myself via Ani Difranco. She’s the shit. No. She’s the shit the shit wishes it could be. I’m going to share a couple lyrics of hers with you, and then I encourage you to listen to the whole song:

Back back back in the back of your mind

Are you learning an angry language?

Tell me boy, boy, boy are you tending to your joy

Or are you just letting it vanquish?

…Your arrogance is gaining on you and so is eternity

You better practice happiness, you better practice humility

You took the air and you took the time

You were fed and you were free

Now you better put some beauty back

While you got the energy

Yeah, you better put some beauty back

While you got the energy

Here’s the actual song: