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Okay, guys. Hopefully you’ve been taking a look at the dancer paintings I’ve been posting over the last week. If not, stop, go back and scroll through them for a second. I haven’t done any new ones lately, and was all geared up to get started when suddenly, out of nowhere, I didn’t. Sometimes, if I watch the news too much and see us all shooting each other full of holes and blowing each other up into tiny little smithereens, I lose all hope for humanity, and the creative juices dry right up and I want to hide from the world. Then god spoke to me. Okay, not really god. Bourbon. Bourbon spoke to me. Bourbon has kind of a husky, slightly gravely voice. It’s pretty damn sexy, if I’m being honest. Anyway, Bourbon said to me, “Look, you whiny little twit, you know damn fine people, and you make damn fine art. Why not combine the two for a damn fine experience?” I looked Bourbon in the eye and said, “What-the-what?” To which Bourbon replied, “It’s called crowd sourcing dip shit. Now stop being a wuss and give me another ice cube.”

Fair enough. So, dear damn fine people, we are going on a little adventure together. I’m going to let you decide how my next dancer painting evolves, and together we’re going to create something beautiful for the world that didn’t exist before. Every few days (as each layer of paint dries), I’m going to let you choose colors, poses, textures, etc. We’ll start today by choosing what color palette should peak through in the background. Again, feel free to go back to the Preludes posts leading up to today and look for the little flecks of color that show here and there. Then vote (just give me the number to the left of the row you want) in the comments below or on Facebook if you follow me there. Deadline to vote is 10pm 12/10/15.

Here are your choices for the first layer of paint:

Color Palettes 2.jpg

Color Palettes 1