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The votes have been tallied for the first part of our crowd sourcing art experiment, and it was a tie between yellows and oranges. Since part of the purpose of this adventure was to make myself try something new, I’m going to go with oranges, since it’s not a color I’m normally drawn to and I’ve never used it for the first layer before. So the colors that will be peeking through the layers on top will be:

Orange palette

The next step is to choose the pose for the dancer. Please vote for the number of your choice in either the comments below or on Facebook if you follow me there. Deadline to vote is midnight 12/12/15. Here are your choices:

Crowd sourced dancer poses 1

Crowd sourced dancers 2

Crowd sourced dancer poses 3

Crowd sourced dancer poses 4

Crowd Sourced Dancer poses 12-9-15