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Snowed in today. Well, really rained in. Or sleeted in. We’ll have to wait and see. My goal for the day is to paint until I can’t see straight and my hand cramps up, then spend the rest of the evening snuggling with S and the cats. Poor sweet Satch is sick yet again. He’s now on 5 meds. Poor little punkinmonkey. How do you not throw up have your heart break when this face starts leaking fluids everywhere?

Satch 12-21-15 5.jpg

I may have to paint him. By which I mean paint a picture of him, not paint on him. I don’t think that would make him feel better. Though it would be fair since he’s been doing an excellent job of painting our floors, walls, and chairs with bright green snot. Eesh. Little Sniffleupagus is so pathetic.