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The awesome folks at WTJU, the radio station where my dad had a jazz show called “Nick @ Nine” for over 10 years, have offered to do a couple tribute shows for him. Since I’ll be in town for the memorial on Sunday, they’ve invited me to join them for a show honoring him. So tune in Sunday, 2/21/16 from 10am-12pm on 91.1FM in Charlottesville, or streaming live at www.wtju.net. The show will also be archived for a week or two (go to the Archives page and look for the Jazzmania show hosted by Sandy Snyder), so if you can’t catch it live, you’ve got a little extra time. My understanding is that another show honoring him will happen from 9am-12pm on March 1st, too. I won’t be able to be part of that one, but the guys doing it have great musical taste, so I know it’ll be a great show. And Sandy Snyder did a tribute show on the 11th, which you can still catch for another couple days in the archive at Archives. Look for the show called Wild Women and Friends.

This radio station relies heavily on public support, so if you’re so inclined, please consider donating in memory of my dad.

Dad n Em doing the show

This picture was taken in 2011. It was the last radio show my dad and I did together. The next day, we moved him into the dementia care facility.


But we had one hell of a dance party before we left.