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This weekend, my mom came down to visit. Now that she doesn’t have to take care of my dad, she can travel more, so we’ll be taking turns visiting each other instead of me always driving up there. On Sunday, we got together with family for lunch. As we were sitting down to eat. S found two lucky pennies on his chair. No one knew where they’d come from, but for me, it made it feel like my dad was there with us. After lunch, a couple of the adults went out to hide Easter eggs for my cousin’s toddler. To distract said toddler while they were doing it, I taught him how to hide heads-up pennies and say, “This is going to make someone verrrrry happy!” And so the tradition continues.

Also this weekend: I sold TWO realist paintings. The first was the Saxophone painting. It went to a friend, which makes me really happy. It’s hard saying goodbye to pieces that are meaningful to you, and with my dad being a sax player and with my mom and I having used the painting as the front of our thank you cards to everyone following the memorial celebration, this piece means a lot to me. Knowing that it’ll be with someone I know and like who plays music, too, made it easier to let go. The other piece was the Violin head painting. That one went to a stranger, which gives me a little thrill. It’s exciting when your work goes to someone who doesn’t even know you, because you know it’s really about the piece itself, so it’s validation of your work.

So, all in all, a good weekend. And on my walk today, I found 4 lucky pennies and a 4-leaf clover. It must be my lucky day. Yay pennies! Yay art!