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So, you know the whole deal with my dad and pennies, right? Well, for the last few weeks, I’ve been finding lucky pennies in the road on my walks around the neighborhood. I’ve probably found about 15 pennies so far. The front yard of one of the houses I pass is adorable. Very whimsical, complete with a pink flamingo. These are definitely people with a sense of humor. So when I found the first penny, I left it heads-up on the post that holds up their mailbox as I walked past, and said, “This is going to make someone verrrrry happy!” The following day, I did it again. Before long, I had run out of room for them, so I started lining them up on top of the mailbox itself. I wasn’t sure if they just hadn’t noticed them or were choosing to leave them there. A couple days ago, as I went to leave another penny, I found them all gathered in a pile on the back of the post, which means they definitely know they’re there, but have chosen not to remove them. Which means I love these people. I can only imagine what they must have thought when they first discovered them. I picture them counting them and scratching their heads. I’m betting they think it’s a kid leaving them there. When I walked past today, one of the residents, a man, was about to climb in his car, so I had to walk past the house and then circle back around and walk slowly so he’d be gone by the time I got there to plant the next penny. I felt so sneaky. It reminded me of the bit Dane Cook did about breaking down a door, only less angry and violent: