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I know, I’m getting annoying. I can’t help it. It’s, like, genetic or something. But just in case someone is on wordpress late tonight, I thought I’d go ahead and post again in the hopes they’ll see this and help out.

It’s only been 2 days, and we’re already halfway there, thanks to all my amazing friends, family, and readers. You guys are awesome, fantastic, stupendous, and crazygreat! That’s right, crazygreat, which is, like, 50% more greatness than just great. Wow. I know, right?

For anyone who doesn’t know what on earth I’m talking about yet here’s a primer:

Hi everyone, I’m freaking out and am about to do some serious begging. Now that my dad has died and our journey through dementia is complete, I’ve decided it’s time to take the plunge and write the book. I’m in the process of compiling and adding to the writing and paintings I’ve done about my family’s experiences with dementia. I’ve launched a campaign on Publishizer.com to try to get enough pre-orders for my book to attract the attention of publishers. But I NEED HELP SPREADING THE WORD! I’ve got until April 30ths to get at least 250 pre-orders. For only $7, you can get an e-copy of the book once it’s finished, and there are rewards for higher donations and purchases, much like gofundme.com or indiegogo.com. I really want to attract the attention of a publisher ASAP so that I can justify taking off a little time from work to write while everything is still fresh. You can read the book proposal and place your order here: https://publishizer.com/fractured-memories/

So do a girl a favor and tell everyone you know, and then pop over to place your order. And then pass me the bourbon because I’m about to have a heart attack. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!