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In less than 72 hours, I have had over 250 pre-orders for my book, Fractured Memories, about my family’s sometimes hilarious, sometimes horrible journey through my dad’s dementia. Seriously. Are you people kidding me? Did you know you were that awesome? Did you? I kind of vaguely suspected you might be pretty cool, but damn, I had no idea you were this amazeballs.

So I’m upping the stakes. I know, I’m getting greedy. My new goal is 500 pre-orders by April 30th. It’s the next tier on Publishizer. Now that I’ve hit 250, they’ll send queries out to 41 publishers in my category. If I hit 500, they’ll personally pitch to a more select group of publishers, upping my chances that much more of getting a book deal. If we can get 250 in 3 days, I’m thinking we should be able to get another 250 in the next 23 days – but only if you’ll help me spread the word!! It’s only $7 to order a digital version of the book. If that’s not in the budget (which believe me, I totally understand), you can still help by posting a link to your own blog or social media pages to the campaign:

Emily Page’s New Book About Dementia

You can read my entire proposal, see some of the art that will be in the book, watch and make fun of my awkward and dorky self on the video I made (I know, it’s sad), order a digital or print copy and get other perks at the link above. And again, the more people know, the more likely it’ll be that we’ll hit 500. Thank you in advance and I’m sorry if you’re getting sick of my begging. Just a little more, I promise!