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I’m down a finger as I type this because I have a blood blister on the tip of my ring finger from framing a painting today. Try typing without using that finger. I double dog dare you. It’s rough. Do you see how I suffer for my art?!!! But I’m fighting through the pain (which really barely hurts but with which I plan to milk sympathy out of my husband when he gets home tonight) because I have to let you know that I’m 10 pre-orders away from hitting the 500 mark. Fer rillz. I was so worried that I wouldn’t even be able to hit the 250 mark, and we busted right through that goal in about 3 days. I could cry, but I won’t, because apparently when I start I don’t stop. On Monday, I watched Grey’s Anatomy and started crying. Then I kept crying through 2 episodes of Dance Mom’s. And kept crying while I fixed dinner and checked some emails. I’m not even kidding, you guys, I cried for almost 4 hours and I didn’t even know why. I cried so long I got dehydrated and basically had a hangover the next day. So I have resolved not to cry for the next several days. If I’m going to have a hangover, it should be from too much bourbon, not too much crying. But the real point of all of that was to say thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered the book and/or shared the link to the campaign on their own blogs and other social media pages. You’re helping me make a pile of shit into lemonade (the spiked kind). You make a girl feel loved.

For anyone stumbling across the blog over the next few days who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, you can read my book proposal at https://publishizer.com/fractured-memories/. Then order a copy and tell your friends!