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We said goodbye to the best cat that ever was last Tuesday morning. By Wednesday, I couldn’t take not having a snuggly wuggly buddy and we went out to the local shelters in search of a new kitty. Don’t get me wrong, Dizzy is a very sweet little boy, but he does NOT understand the concept of curling up next to you and purring contentedly. And let me tell you, both my lap and my sofa are zoned by the city for snuggling. Especially over the last three months following Dad’s death, I’ve needed that cuddle time. And now grieving for Satch, I need it even more. So we found a couple kitties we were interested on Wednesday and went home to talk over our choices. There were two in particular who immediately climbed up onto us when we sat down, and who told everyone else wandering past for a tickle that we were theirs, thank you very much. Both were girl kitties, so S and I started trying to come up with girl kitty names. Here are the ones my husband rejected:

Keely's name choices

No idea why he didn’t like any of those. He’s weird. I fought very hard to not let him name the black kitty we were considering “Spooky.” Did I forget to mention that S is really a 7 year old? Anyway, since we’ve named all of our past kitties with jazz musician/vocalist names, we settled on Keely, after Keely Smith who was the female vocalist in Louis Prima’s band. The next day, we went back down to the shelter and adopted the one we’d settled on, a sweet little black kitty that they were calling Hillary but who they insisted wasn’t into politics. I think she’d be excellent at politics because she is quickly establishing that she is the alpha kitty, even though she’s about half the size of Dizzy. Her diplomacy skills need some work, however. Every time he gets anywhere near him, she bats at him. They are slowly working out a peace treaty, but I suspect she’s secretly still plotting to murder him in his sleep.

The people at the shelter said that black cats are harder to adopt out because people are superstitious. Man, it ain’t easy being black in America. You can see where she might have a few issues…

More to come as her personality emerges, but for now, here’s a pic of our new little Keely girl:

Keely day 1