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So there I was bemoaning my fate as an artist, when life was was busy plotting to remind me that it ain’t all wailing and gnashing of teeth. When I ran the campaign on Publishizer, I did so as part of a “Write-Off” contest – basically, whoever had the most publishers express an interest won. Well, I’m pleased to announce that I got second place, with 11 publishers interested. Not bad for a first time author. Even better news: there was a $1000 prize for second place, so that made up for some of the fees that the site and PayPal took for themselves for hosting my campaign (of course, PayPal will take a chunk out of the $1000, too, but still). Booyah!! I think that’s the first time in my life I’ve said “booyah.” I think I’ll say it again. Booyah! Nope, I went too far. That last one was gratuitous. Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered. You make a girl smile.