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Ooooooh, I just love it when you frame a painting and it seems to “finish” it! Take the 2 garlic paintings I did a few weeks ago. They looked great on their own, but I just popped them into frames and holygarlicbatman, I’m in love. I kind of wish I had enough room in my home to keep them.



Garlic 8″ x 10″ oil on board $300

Garlic II

Garlic II 8″ x 10″ oil on board $300


garlic paintings framed.jpg

Same dealio with the little pear painting that was so callously rejected from the juried show (which, by the way, I just picked up and was able to browse the works that got in, and they were all very modernist/conceptual, so I feel better that mine just wasn’t the style the juror was attracted to):



Pear 6″ x 8″ $200


pear framed.jpg