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Last weekend, S and I went to VA to visit my mom.  While we were there, we went out to the cemetery to design the bench in which we’ll be interring my dad’s (and eventually our) ashes. The sales person kept trying to talk us into having all sorts of frilly imagery added, but we really just wanted it simple and clean. So it’s just our names and dates on the sides, and a saying on the top of the bench. After considering lyrics to several jazz tunes for the top of the bench, we settled on “See ya later alligator…” We used to say it to my dad when we’d say goodbye after visiting him in the dementia care facility and he’d happily say “after ‘while crocodile” in response virtually every time. I think it’s appropriately silly and sentimental for our bench and makes me feel like there’s a chance we’ll see him again somehow, someday. Anyway, the next evening, S and I sat down to watch TV and immediately, up popped my favorite actor, Tom Hanks, saying, “See ya later alligator” on some new sketch comedy show. I’m taking it as a sign that my dad approves of our decision.