I tried using the voice recognition software on my phone to take some notes while I was riding in the car, but it wasn’t very successful. It was, however, highly entertaining. Here is a preview of the first paragraph of the first chapter of my book, as understood by my phone:

“Running for president Roosevelt died of an overdose you can tell me all the stories you want about how awesome your daughter but you will never convince me that you’re getting close. If not I will probably have dinner before the concert and I think we can try to raise their kids and it does not say that. I said he was fan freakin tastic my dad would throw in the 1400 temporal dementia at the age of 55 she started trying to get her ass out here so I’m not bugging her cause she’s got we can talk more later about all the work I got it better than us.”

A second attempt resulted in:

“I’m starting from the night I was just got out of the house but you wasn’t even close to as good as mine I mean person the Crawford hotel close on a 2014 745. I started saying it’s not bad for a minute I’ll be back later. My dad is better than your dad for the house. I’m going to get dropped off.”

Compelling, no? It reads a little like the first chapter of The Sound and The Fury, I think. I’m tempted to read the entire book to my phone in the car and then send excerpts to publishers. I’m expecting a Pulitzer.