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So remember how S and I tried sleeping at the wrong end of the bed Tuesday night? Clearly, it was a strange night for us. This is also evidenced by the fact that we had the following conversation:

Me: How do they make styrofoam?

S: From the sea.

Me: Shut up.

S: No really. Look it up. It comes from the sea.

Me: Sea foam?

S: Exactly. There are villagers who collect it and take it to a factory. The temperature is really high inside the factory and the sea foam starts to ionize.

Me: I bet they poke holes in it like they do with cheese to control the curing process.

S: Indeed they do. It cures for about 10 days initially (but only if that falls on a Monday or Wednesday) and then workers come and poke the holes in it. But because it’s so hot in there, the workers’ sweat falls into the holes –

Me: Which starts the oxidization process! I bet the length of the additional time it cures dictates what kind of foam it becomes.

S: Yes, at 10 days, it becomes memory foam. At 14 1/4 days, it turns into styrofoam.

Me: Yes, but it’s a tricky process. Because at 14 3/4 days, it liquifies and turns into lather. Then they have to take it back out to sea to be washed and cleansed and recollected. (pause) You’re weird.

S: I’m serious! That’s where it comes from! Foam comes from the sea. I’m telling you, look it up.


Me: Why is it you can only snap with your fingers? Why not your elbows or your knees or your toes?