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It’s official, everyone!! I have signed with a publisher. Following the campaign on Publishizer, I was offered both traditional publishing deals and self-publishing deals, and after a fair amount of research, I have opted to self-publish. It will mean that I’ll have to do more of the promotional work, but I’ll get to keep all the proceeds instead of getting a tiny little royalty payment. Making this decision has been weighing on me, so I’m thrilled to have finally made a choice and signed. I’m sending off the manuscript tomorrow, then I have to finish up one more painting this week. The publisher estimates that it will take 3-6 months to get it printed and up for sale, so I’ve got time to plan and create a marketing strategy. It’s really scary and really exiting and I might have a heart attack or at least burp-vomit. But either way, one decision has been decisioned (if I say it’s a word, it’s a word – you have to believe me because I’m about to be a published writer). Feel free to send me bourbon.