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In the wake of yet another terror bombing, I find myself, once again, at a loss for words. I don’t know how to stop people who have that much hate in their hearts. I don’t know how to change the minds of people who worship a god they believe commands them to kill innocent people. That way of thinking is so utterly incomprehensible to me, that I don’t even know where to start.

All I can do, yet again, is offer my love. You are not alone. I offer my support to those in our societies that feel so ostracized that the only way they think they can gain power is at the expense of others. You don’t have to destroy to get respect, but you do have to talk about your pain to get the love you need. You are not alone. I offer my support to those affected by violence of any kind – be it perpetuated by their own governments, by extremist fundamentalists, by family members, or by madmen. You are not alone. Don’t take the pain inflicted on you out on others. Don’t perpetuate retribution. Again, please talk about it to anyone and everyone and make them understand.

To everyone affected by the attacks in Turkey last night, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry that our societies have failed so many people. I’m so sorry that we can’t seem to learn from the past. I’m so sorry that you were just trying to hop on a plane and go about your lives and a few delusional assholes tore a hole in your world. Please know that we are with you. You are not alone.