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Here I go again. I’ve recently uploaded a bunch of art to Fine Art America so that people who can’t afford my original paintings can buy prints (or shower curtains or pillows or beach towels or phone cases or bags, etc.). But in order for my images to show up and reach new audiences, they have to be viewed and “liked.” Ugh. I hate these games, but that’s how it works. So, pretty please, when you’re bored and sitting in front of the TV with your laptop or phone or iPad in your hand, or while your coworker is droning on during a conference call, would you take a moment to flip through my offerings and “like” them? And maybe share this post with your friends so they’ll do the same?

Here’s the link:


You know I love you, right? Right?! I’m going to re-post this a couple times over the coming week in hopes of reaching more people, but I’ll title it the same way so that you can just skip over it if you’ve already done it.

Seriously, I love you. You’re the bestestest.