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Hey peeps,

As mentioned in another post, I’m headed off to Europe for a week with my mom, and I don’t think I’ll have a ton of internet access, so I may not get to blog while I’m gone. I have set Mondays With Muddy to post while I’m away, and I’ve also entered a contest on DickBlick.com that I need help getting votes for, so that will post while I’m gone, too.

But I didn’t want to go and leave you feeling unloved. So, today I’m giving you the many uncomfortable ways my little Dizzybutt likes to sit:

Dizzy sleeping awkwadly

Does this look comfy to you? It reminds me of when I get too hot while I’m sleeping and I have to contort to cool down various parts of my body.

Keely and Dizzy stairs

Nothing says “comfort” like falling off of a step.

Dizzy stairs

This is the only use the scratching pad gets. I’ve sprinkled cat nip on it before, and they still don’t use it. But, apparently, Dizzy thinks it’s pretty cozy with all those hard edges poking at him.

Dizzy falling off sofa

Yep, half of your body hanging off the sofa seems pretty snuggly to me. It took all my self control not to drop something to startle him and watch him fall. Does that make me a bad mom?

See you again the second week in August!!