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Guess who’s back? Me!!! I’ll wait for the applause to die down before I continue…what? No applause. Le sigh.

I’ll be posting more in the next few days about my trip, but for now, wanted to share a little watercolor I did on the trip. I had a habit of going out in the morning to explore whichever town we were in, and then coming back to the ship for lunch and spending the afternoon quietly sketching and painting. I’m not very experienced with watercolors, so I didn’t have high expectations, but a couple of the paintings I did I was fairly happy with. Anyway, here is my favorite from the group. We were in Vienna, and overall, I didn’t care for the city, but there were Fiaker carriage horses lined up like taxis to take people on tours, and I snapped a bunch of photos of them. No doubt, I will end up doing more paintings of them in the future. Knocked out this little piece when we got back to the ship. It’s the only one I remembered to take photos of along the way:

Carriage horses watercolor step 1

Carriage horses watercolor step 2

Carriage horses watercolor step 3

Fiaker 8″x6″ watercolor on paper