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Is it just me, or does “verbal diarrhea” not sound like what it’s meant to describe? To me, it sounds like either it’s referring to verbs that relate to having a bowel movement, like “to poop,” “to crap,” “to shit,” “to wooby,” (I’m not entirely sure if I made that last one up or if that’s actually a thing people say) or it sounds like someone is screaming a flood of verbs at you, like,”GO CONVULSE EAT COMBUST JUMP DEFENESTRATE BLUBBER CHORTLE GUFFAW DRINK SKI STERNUTATE FLATULATE CHOKE BARK REGURGITATE!” I don’t know about you, but that hardly ever happens to me, and yet I hear people refer to verbal diarrhea on a semi-almost-not-quite-regular basis.

There’s a good possibility that this should not have been a post. You’re welcome.