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This is a little embarrassing to admit, but my palette is not your standard palette. I don’t use one of those round wooden palettes with the hole in it for your thumb. I don’t use a piece of glass or even plexi-glass with brown paper under it. Don’t get me wrong. I have those things, I just don’t use them. “Why?” you ask. “Because,” I reply, “as has been established in past posts, I’m a lazy git, and I prefer to not have to clean anything other than my brushes.” What do I use, then? Here’s where I cringe and admit that I use a piece of aluminum foil wrapped over a paper plate. Yes, you read that correctly. When there’s no more room to mix paint, I just take off the foil and toss it.

Now here’s the other embarrassing bit. I do not use a dust-free rag or cloth for wiping my brush on. Nope, I use old socks or pieces of shirts that have too many holes in them to wear anymore. I also don’t use one of those fancy brush cleaners with the wire rack at the bottom. I go straight for a baby food jar with a little turpenoid in it.

I’m running a classy, high end studio here, people. Be amazed: