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Since I posted about how I often have to work from crummy photos (here and here), I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the photos next to the paintings to see what I mean. I’m sometimes left guessing. Other times, I guess and then ignore what the photo is showing me to make a bolder choice. Simply making easy changes like background color can completely alter the feel of a image, as can pushing the contrast between your highlights and shadows. I view the photos as a jumping off point. It’s good for reference, but I’m not bound to it (which is good since the photos are often pretty bad in the first place).First up is the Avocado and Cherry Tomatoes:

avocados 3.jpg

The crummy photo

Avocado and Cherry Tomatoes

The awesome painting (I say very humbly)

Next is a garlic one:

garlic 10.jpg

Garlic III

And then some garlic cloves:

garlic cloves.jpg

Garlic cloves.jpg

And piano pedals:



And, finally, the hanging bottles painting:

bottles 1.JPG